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Knowledge. Experience. Connections

International services, trading and distribution.

We offer superior solutions and services that are tailor-made to the defence, homeland security, medical and corporate sectors in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa. We have offices in Singapore, Panama, Cyprus, Johannesburg and Tel Aviv.

Our main focus is on creating business partnerships with our clients.

We believe that within our portfolio, we can provide our customers with the qualitative advantage needed to succeed.

Our team

Consists of experts with extensive experience in security and medical solutions, as well as special advisors in leading positions in the Israeli defence arena.


We have four subsidiaries that specialize in the fields of cybersecurity, Homeland Security, medical, aesthetic laser technologies, and investments.

Gold n’ Links Cyber

Anyone can fall victim to hacking, viruses and cyber-attacks. We specialise in cyber security and provide innovative technological and product solutions, giving our customers the ability to protect their customers and assets.

Gold n’ Links HLS

Our team of experts retains both the means and the ends to provide our clients with cutting edge Homeland Security (HLS) packages. Our competitive advantage is held in the years of practical experience, knowledge, and access to the newest and most advanced equipment.

Gold n’ Links Capital

Through our capabilities and global footprint, we have access to exciting investment opportunities. GnL Capital’s experienced team, with a proven track record, leverages on the Gold n’ Links Group’s activities to identify potential prospects for investors. Whether our clients require short, medium or long-term investments; we source, analyze and manage the entire investment lifecycle on their behalf.

Gold n’ Links Medical

There are some lifesaving innovations in our arsenal, which have been proven in past emergencies. Our medical products provide cost-effective, portable and trustworthy solutions to expensive problems and replace obsolete, costly and non-practical medical equipment.

Gold n’ Links Aesthetic Laser Technologies

Gold n’ Links Aesthetic Laser Technologies is an exclusive distributor of Alma Lasers in the Republic of Panama. Our mission is to teach all our clients how to work with Alma Laser’s modular, cost effective and high-performance systems. We enable practitioners to offer safe, effective and profitable aesthetic treatments to our clients.

Gold n’ Links Europe

Gold n’ Links recently extended its network of operations to include Europe. We have a team of experts with experience and knowledge in the European market.


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